Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: No. Sorry, but pets are not allowed in the lodge.

Q: Can I bring my own liquor?
A: Yes. The CMC has a BYOB policy.

Q: What is the lodge's policy on children?
A: Children are welcome at Cheat Mountain Club. Children's bedding, meals and games are available.

Q: Is Internet access available?
A: Yes. Free Wireless Internet is available on the main floor.

Q: Are there private phones in the rooms?
A: No. There are two shared phones in the lodge.

Q: Can I watch the big football game on Sunday (or anything else on TV)?
A: No. Cheat Mountain Club maintains its rustic setting without having the convenience of a TV.

Q: Can I listen to the big football game (or anything else on the radio)?
A: No. Due to our remote location and close proximity to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, CMC does
not pick up much in the way of radio broadcast. However, CMC has a CD player that our guests are welcome to use.

Q: Can I receive cell phone calls or get paged while at the lodge?
A: No. There is no cellular service on or around the Cheat Mountain area.

Q: What are your recreational amenities?
A: The recreational amenities at CMC are many in number, including: mountain biking, road cycling, fly fishing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, yard games, canoeing and kayaking, and much more. We do not have a pool, spas, hot tubs, tennis courts or a golf course.

Q: Can I keep the fish I catch?
A: Yes and No. If you fish on the property, you must use a fly rod, smash the barbs on your hooks and return all trout to the water immediately. If you fish off CMC property in other areas that are not catch-and-release, you may keep the fish you catch.

Q: Do you offer fly fishing guide services?
A: Guide service can be arranged through the Evergreen Fly Fishing Company.

Q: Do all of your rooms have private baths?
A: No. Only our Spruce Suite has a private bath. All other rooms in the lodge share country club style bathrooms located on the second floor.

Q: Can I use the washer and dryer at the lodge?
A: Yes. Anytime the lodge's staff isn't using the washers or dryers, guests may use them.

Q: May I use the kitchen at the lodge?
A: Yes and No. You may store any special food that you bring with you, but guests are not allowed to use the kitchen due to health code.

Q: How many people can your facility accommodate?
A: The lodge can comfortably sleep up to 23 people. We have 10 guestrooms with 18 beds. We can accommodate more for meal services and special functions.

Q: What is the closest airport?
A: Greenbreir Valley Airport in Lewisburg, WV (serviced by US Air). Contact the Greenbreir Valley Airport Shuttle 
for info on car service to CMC (304) 536-1193.